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Now, before we go any further I must warn you that this post is very much football focused as I’m going to talk about one of the biggest passions in my life… Liverpool Football Club.

Earlier on in the year I turned 21 and as one of my presents me girlfriend bought my a Liverpool fans dream, The Anfield Experience. The whole day from start to finish was unforgettable and I couldn’t wait to share it on the blog.

I have been on the Anfield tour before but I really wanted to do it again once the multi-million pound main stand renovation had been completed, so to open the voucher on my birthday was something special.

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The day started with refreshments and pastries in the Anfield Beat, this is a new area in the main stand where some supporters can go on a match day and enjoy pre-game refreshments, with a great view over the city.  At 10:00 our tour began and we were taken up to the 6th floor of the main stand to take in the views of the new pitch and stadium, as well as being told some of the history and facts behind the football club.

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After taking in the views from the 6th floor, we made or way down to the 2nd, where we could see images of some iconic moments through the club’s history, as well as being able to sit on some of the original main stand wooden seats and the chance to have our picture taken with a replica European Cup. Something which did impress me during the tour was to learn that some of the materials from the old stand has been reused in the new renovation. Wooden flooring has been used to decorate the ceilings, glass from the windows has been transformed into a chandelier and parts of the roof have been used to create a number of structures located in various parts of the stand.

The next section of the tour was the part most people look forward to the most, visiting the changing rooms, media area and pitch. As I’ve already mentioned I have done the tour previously but before the main stand renovation and when we got to the changing rooms I was quite surprised at how much they have improved, no wooden benches and dull walls, instead, leather cushioned seats and each player is assigned their own chair and locker and instead of a white board to show team tac-tics, players can now view them on a large, flat screen TV.

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Unfortunately because of the pitch replacement we couldn’t go outside but it didn’t bother me too much as we still got to look out onto the pitch and touch the famous This Is Anfield sign, stand in the post-match media booths and visit where the team enjoy a post-match meal. After the tour had finished and our head was full of all things Liverpool, we were taken to one of the directors boxes to enjoy a 3 course meal looking over the pitch and a visit from two Liverpool legends, Phil Thomson & David Johnson. As part of the experience a signed picture with the ex-players was included, which made the day extra special.

After indulging in a 3 course meal of tomato soup, chicken & vegetables followed by sticky toffee pudding, we were taken back to the Anfield Beat where the day started, to enjoy more refreshments and a Q&A sessions with the legends and the opportunity to get memorabilia signed. It was a great experience listening to Phil & David give their stories from both behind the scenes and on the pitch during their time at the club and for any Liverpool fan, it’s a day I couldn’t recommend enough.

We finished the day with a visit to the club museum and the Steven Gerrard Collection. I have wanted to visit Gerrard’s collection for a while so I was really glad we finally got the chance. We were able to look at some of the medals he has won over the years and some of his shirts her wore in some of his most memorable games, including that famous night in Istanbul.

Although this is probably one of my longest posts, I did try to keep it as short as possible! From start to finish The Anfield Experience was an unforgettable day and I would definitely recommend it to any Liverpool or football fan.

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