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You may have seen that I have recently come back from my holiday to Mallorca and considering the weather here isn’t the best, the holiday blues don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Something I always struggle with whilst I’m on holiday is the dreaded sunburn! I don’t have fair skin and I normally I tan quite well but until this year, I haven’t been the best at topping up the sun cream. Luckily for me the UK had some nice weather just before we went on holiday so I had caught a tan before we jetted off to Mallorca so I knew I wouldn’t burn as much.

We all know the importance of using sun cream both at home and abroad but in order to maintain a healthy glow and to minimise peeling, you need to give your skin quite a bit of TLC, whilst on holiday and when you get home.

I wanted to share with you the product I used while on holiday and what I’m using now to make my tan last as long as possible and to prevent any peeling, which fingers crossed is going to plan so far.

Whilst on holiday I started with an SPF 20 for the first few days and then dropped to a 15 and for the final few days I alternated with a tanning oil. Keeping the sun cream topped up is important but applying after sun with help to add moisture back into your skin and offer some relief from any sun burn.

Something I’m normally guilty of is not looking after my lips in the sun, using a lip balm with an SPF in it will help prevent dry, cracked lips, which we all know isn’t very pleasant.

Once back home, it’s important to carry on your skincare routine but using a few different products. For the first few days after arriving home I carried on using after sun after every shower and then slowly changed over to an everyday moisturiser, you can use which ever brand you prefer but I’ve been using the ocean mineral moisturiser by Henri Lloyd for my face and the Men’s Nivea crème for the rest of my body. Applying this will help keep the skin moisturised and hopefully prevent large amounts of peeling.

As well as keeping your face moisturised it’s important to clean your pores after being exposed to the sun and the greasiness of the sun cream. Every morning I have been using the Nivea Deep Cleansing Face Wash to keep my skin fresh and then once or twice a week I have been exfoliating, using the MMUK Man Exfoliator.

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Looking after your skin during and after your holiday is important and will help towards a long-lasting tan.

What skincare products do you like to use?

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