Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

As Valentine’s day is fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what we’re going to buy our other halves, or that someone special. All though I buy my girlfriend something for Valentine’s Day and she buys me something, I wouldn’t say we celebrate it, however in my opinion it is important not to forget the 14th February, especially for us lads! Even if it’s just a card and a bunch of flowers, a small gesture can mean a lot. I thought I would create a quick post with some Valentine ’s Day gift ideas, for both him and her.


Grooming Products – Male grooming is on the rise and there are some many different products on the market, your options are endless. I recently received an Evo Shave, which most people won’t have heard of but it’s a really good product. It’s a razor blade with a “one touch shave” concept. It’s small and fits perfectly in your hand. I have facial hair and I use it to tidy the edges up, so I would definitely recommend it for anyone who shaves completely.

Tie & Pocket Square – This might not be something you would normally think of, but if your boyfriend or Husband regularly wears a suit then this could be a good idea. I don’t tend to wear suits that often but when I do, I like to wear a tie and pocket square. The last time I ordered one it was from a company called Dobell, they have a great range from suits, to ties & pocket squares so it’s worth having a look and they send the products out really quickly.

Amazon Fire Stick – A fire stick is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys watching films, TV shows etc. I have the Amazon TV box and I would say I use it nearly every day. There are so many different things you can do on them, including games, listen to music, download apps, they really are worth the money and can be bought for around £35.

Dior Sauvage – You may have seen a recent post I did, My recommended skincacre & Grooming products, which Dior Sauvage features in. This is a really nice aftershave and isn’t too strong, but personally I don’t think it’s an every day aftershave so it’s best for someone who likes to have the odd night out.


Chocolate Bouquet – I think the first thing that come’s to mind for most Men on Valentine’s Day is flowers, but why not try something different and get a Galaxy Classics chocolate bouquet? I have ordered one of these in the past from Blossoming Gifts and the delivery is really quick, so this would be good as a last minute gift. I was slightly worried that it would arrive damaged or melted but it was delivered in a secure box and wrapped in bubble wrap, needless to say I opened the box and it was in perfect condition.

This is a nice alternative to the usual bunch of flowers and my girlfriend loved it, I would definitely recommend buying one!

Lush Gift Set – Lush is a popular choice for most women when it comes to “smelly’s”, so why not buy a Lush Gift Set or some individual bath bombs and soaps? There are so many different products to choose from Lush and the staff are really helpful too, so you can’t go wrong.

Hamper – I like the idea of creating a hamper because it’s got a personal touch. You can fill it with different gifts, which you know she will like, for example, her favourite chocolates, sweets, wine, beauty products, the list goes on. Personally, this idea is a favourite of mine.

Date Night – This might be a good idea if you don’t get to spend much time together. Instead of buying chocolates or a bottle of perfume, why not take her out for a meal and then go and watch a film. Just spending time together can be worth a lot more to some people, rather than buying gifts.

I’ve only listed a small number of gifts you could potentially buy, but the list is endless. Hopefully this gift guide will help you out if you’re stuck for ideas but remember, don’t leave it too late to buy your presents!

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