Winter safety | Car tyres & other tips

For me personally, the winter months provide me with some of the best moments of the year, my favourite being Christmas but also the frosty mornings, winter walks and even though it doesn’t always make an appearance, I love the snow! Unfortunately as of yet I haven’t seen any this year. Although the winter months provide us with all of the good points I’ve just mentioned, we do also get the downfalls as well, this mainly being the bad weather. As we’re well and truly into January, it’s not unusual to see icy roads, heavy rain, sleet and many other dangerous conditions which can affect our day to day lives, especially if your preferred mode of transport is by car.

During the winter months it’s more common to see cars that have collided with another vehicle or steered off the road due to bad weather conditions, so it’s essential that anyone who drives a car knows the relevant safety checks that need to be carried out before and during your daily commute in order to avoid a potential collision.

Before setting off on your journey it’s important to allow plenty of time to get to your destination, icy conditions are usual the main cause of road traffic accidents and its essential your able to take your time and drive carefully to wherever you want to go. As well as allowing enough time for your journey, there are so many other different factors you need to think of when driving in dangerous weather conditions, such as sticking to main roads and avoiding country lanes, the list is endless, but one of the main areas we need to be clued up on is tyre safety.

Like myself, I don’t think it would cross most people’s minds to check their car tyres during the winter months but after I did some research on winter tyre safety, I soon realised how important it was, so I thought I would share with you some important tyre checks you should carry out to avoid a road collision:

  • Regularly check your tyres are inflated correctly.
  • Ensure your tyre tread depth is at the correct measurement. Many people carry out this check, by seeing if a 20p coin fits in between the tread lines.
  • Have a look at your tyres and see if anything looks unusual, for example do they look worn in any areas?
  • Consider having winter tyres fitted. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even realise you could get winter tyres!
  • Replace your current tyres – If you’ve had the same tyres on your car for a while or you can see worn or cracked areas then it’s best to be on the safe side and just have the old one’s replaced. There are so many different places you can get tyres from, I have recently been looking at what’s available at Point S, a company who sell a wide range of cheap tyres and their website is pretty straight forward too, so I would recommend having a look. There are also companies such as Goodyear & Continental who offer a wide selection of tyres, so it’s worth shopping around.

It’s really important that we know how to stay on the roads during the winter months and what checks we should be carrying out on our vehicles and after reading how important it is understanding how to keep your tyres in good condition, I will definitely be giving my tyres a once over and look into getting them changed.

Safe driving!

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