My recommended skincare and grooming products

Today’s post is my first skincare and grooming post and I wanted to share with you some of the different grooming products I use on a day to day basis. Over the past few years I’ve tried many different branded skincare and grooming products, from face scrubs to shower gels, some of which have served their purpose and some haven’t been as good. I feel that the products I’m using now are the best ones I have ever used for a number of reasons reasons, so I thought I would share them with you.

Something I’ve always struggled with is my skin, I was buying so many different face scrubs, washes and moisturisers to try and help prevent oily and spotty skin but I couldn’t find one that worked, so I ended up going to the doctors where I was prescribed tablets and a cream to help keep them away, they definitely helped and I was taking them for about 2 years.

Once I stopped taking the tablets and the using the face cream the doctor prescribed, I wanted to find a face wash that would actually help improve my skin. I was recommended the men’s range from Clinique, which I’d never considered but I thought I would give it a go.img_1973-e14851655419641

After using the exfoliating face scrub for a few years now, I can honestly say it’s the best one I’ve ever used. Compared to other brands this is fairly expensive, retailing at around £20 but it does last a while. I use the scrub about 3 times a week and the moisturiser every day. I also use the exfoliating tonic lotion and even though it’s recommended to be used every day, I just use it every now and then.

When it comes to body washes, there are so many to pick from, all ranging in prices and scents. I like to change the body wash I use and try different brands but my personal favourite is the L’Oreal men expert range, this can be bought in most supermarkets, I bought mine from Boots for £2.99 each, which does sound slightly more expensive to some other branded shower gels but the bottle is large and the scent lasts for a good few hours.

I’ve tried a few of the body washes L’Oreal have to offer but my personal favourite is the total clean shower gel, which is a 5 in 1 and is perfect for anyone who goes to the gym or frequently travels. The 5 in 1 can be used as a body wash, shampoo, face wash and a moisturiser! I take this to the gym so I don’t have to take a number of different products in my wash bag and as an added bonus, it smells really good.img_1976

As well as using the L’Oreal 5 in 1 for my hair I sometimes use a different product which may come as a surprise to you. I’ve always had an issue with my hair being “frizzy” and because of this I was limited as to how I could style it. I mentioned this when I went to get my haircut once and I was recommended the John Frieda forever smooth shampoo and conditioner (that’s right lads, it’s not just a women’s product, we can use it too!) although, I’ve got to admit I was slightly hesitant to try this product because it is seen as a product for women. I’ve got to admit, I was pleasantly surprised with the results.img_19691-e14851657208131

After using the shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks, I started to see the difference as my hair was smoother, but I still had the issue of styling it. When my barber recommended the shampoo and conditioner, she also suggested the Luxurious volume 7 day, in-shower treatment, which is also from John Frieda and would hopefully help add a bit of thickness to my hair so I could style it easier. Personally I don’t feel this product was as good as the shampoo and conditioner but I do feel it helped a little, so for anyone who has the same hair issues as me, I would definitely give it a go.


Aftershave isn’t something I use every day but I have that many different bottles I should really start using it more. For the past year I had two aftershaves which were my favourite, one being The Scent, by Hugo Boss and the other one being Invictus by Paco Rabanne.

I never buy aftershave for myself as I always get a bottle for Christmas, usually off my girlfriend and this year I got Dior Sauvage, which is one of the nicest fragrances I’ve ever owned. I’m currently using the 60ml bottle which is about £50, but believe me it’s worth it.img_1980-e14851658293391

There are so many different grooming and skincare products to choose from and these are my personal favourites, it would be great to here yours?

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