Magic Lantern Walk | Chester Zoo

To get in the Christmas mood myself and my girlfriend Keely took my little sister to Chester Zoo to experience their Magic Lantern Walk. The Lantern walk takes you on a journey around different parts of the zoo where you get the chance to see magical animal lanterns come to life. The lantern walk runs throughout selected dates in November and December, We paid £10 each for me and Keely and Erin got in free.

When you book the tickets you have to choose a time slot and we chose 4:30pm as it would still be early but it would be dark so we could experience the lanterns at their best. On arrival you are given a small lantern which you can carry around the zoo as well as a larger one which comes in a variety of colours. When its dark and everyone is carrying a lantern, all of which are different colours it really does look great, not to mention all of the Christmas lights displayed around the zoo.

This was the first year we had been to the lantern walk so I didn’t really know what to expect. We crossed the bridge next to the elephant house and it offered view of some of the lanterns and believe me it did look magical to me and Keely so I would definitely recommend it if you have children. The first section had lanterns in the shape of lions, zebra’s, tigers and much more, I couldn’t believe how realistic they looked, the detail was amazing!

The next part of the journey took us down a path surrounded by plants and tree’s with lots of lanterns hidden which give it a really natural feel and some of the lanterns move which everyone seemed to love, as you walk around the zoo there are also actors dressed up in lantern costume and interact with you which made the experience even better.


The final part of the journey took us to see Santa and his elf’s and across a bridge which scales over a large part of the zoo, although there were no lanterns on the bridge it was covered in Christmas lights. I wanted to create this post mainly to share some of the pictures I took but I would definitely recommend you experience it for yourself and get your tickets quick as it’s very popular.

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