1539 // Chester

Yesterday I went with some of my family for a meal at 1539 in Chester, which is a contemporary restaurant and bar which is located on the racecourse. The restaurant serves a range of British food for all of the family and offers stunning views across Chester racecourse as well as having its own rooftop lounge and terrace, offering an array of drinks which would make the perfect start to any race day or special occasion.



On arrival we were shown to our table which offered an incredible view across the racecourse. The restaurant sits above the course so the view really is amazing. We had a set menu which a number of different options for the starter, main and desert and you had the option to choose a 2 course meal or 3, of course I went for 3.

For the starter I went for the Spiced butternut squash soup, served with roasted pumpkin seeds and warm crusty bread. The soup was really nice and gave just a little kick which was good as I’m not a massive fan of really spicy food.

For the main course there were some really nice choices but I had to go for the roast sirloin beef. It was served with a Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes, cauliflower cheese, mashed potatoes and a red wine jus, the perfect meal to finish off a Sunday. You could either have the beef pink or well done, I went for well done and it was cooked beautifully, I would go as far as saying it was the nicest Sunday dinner I have ever had in a restaurant.

Whenever I go out for a meal the desert is usually my favourite part as I have a really bad sweet tooth so I struggled to decide what to choose but in the end I went for the chocolate and honeycomb chocolate slab cake, which was served with vanilla ice cream. When it was put in front of me I did think it didn’t look that big but it was really sweet and rich so it turned out to be the perfect size. The cake was made up of a honeycomb base, topped with rich chocolate and finished off with raspberries on top, the perfect combination.

All 3 courses really were faultless and the location of the restaurant just made the meal even better. I really would recommend 1539 if you’re in the area, it’s the perfect place for a relaxed, family meal and they even have a children’s menu so it’s perfect for all of the family.



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