The Benefits Of Juicing

When it comes to eating fruit and veg most people eat it for the health benefits but I really do enjoy eating it, whether it be strawberries, carrots, apples or broccoli I’m a massive lover of fruit and veg and it’s a bonus that they all contain a variety of nutrients and vitamins that contribute towards a healthy lifestyle.

For some people eating fruit and veg either as a snack or with a meal can get pretty tedious, especially when they play a big part in the majority of today’s diet plans, so it’s good to look at how you can consume them in different ways, such as smoothies and juices.

Healthy juices and smoothies are now a popular product sold in shops across the world and come in a variety of interesting flavours, popular ingredients include kale, beetroot, strawberries and cucumber, but even though there are so many flavours to choose from there not the cheapest drink on the shelf compared to a large amount of fizzy drinks, so it’s understandable why so many people choose fizzy drinks over the healthier options available.

Even though I can walk into any shop and buy a fruit juice or smoothie, I like to make them myself as I can choose what goes into them and it works out more cost effective. I haven’t made one in a while as I use a multi-purpose blender which I picked up fairly cheap and isn’t very good to be honest, I have been looking at Panasonic Juicers as I have read some good reviews about them, the overall appearance of them is good and you can use them to make frozen desserts too.

Making your own juices may not appeal to some people but as long as you have the ingredients they only take a few minutes to make and researchers say they come with some great health benefits, such as:

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Increases energy
  • Supports brain health
  • Absorb a variety of nutrients

It’s recommended that you use more vegetables in smoothies and juices instead of fruit, as once fruit is blended it releases the sugars and increases the number of calories in the drink, which isn’t bad for an occasional drink so it’s best to mainly use vegetables.

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