My Travel Bucket List

Since we have been back from our recent holiday, I have been thinking of the destinations I really want to visit. There are loads of different places I want to explore around the world, but I only have a handful of destinations that I would put on my bucket list as places I definitely want to see.

I thought I would create this post so I could share with you the places that are at the top of my travel bucket list and the reasons why, some of them I have wanted to visit for a long time and some have only recently interested me, but I have different reasons for why I wanted to go to each destination.

Marbella – Well known as a place where the rich and famous like to holiday, Marbella is located in the South of Spain and is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. If you read my holiday post you will know that I went to a harbour called Puerto Portals, which is a place that you can stroll around designer shops and look at million pound yachts.

So I’m lead to believe Puerto Portals is similar to the famous Puerto Banus, in Marbella, but on a smaller scale so I would love to go and see what it’s like in person. I won’t lie, I do like to experience what it’s like to live the rich life (who doesn’t!?), so that’s why I would like to visit Marbella, the designer shops, sports cars, yachts and just for the overall experience.

Las Vegas – Ever seen the film The Hangover? That’s one of the main reason’s I want to go to Las Vegas. Now that’s not me saying I’m going to wake up with a Tiger in my hotel room or do any of the hilarious things they do but for me, it looks like a place to go if you want to just enjoy yourself and let your hair down.

I would love to have my photo taken in front of the famous Las Vegas sign and have a little gamble in the casino’s, but the main reason I want to go is because I want to visit the Grand Canyon, which isn’t far away, therefor I would be killing two birds with one stone!

Dubai – Surely this place tops the list for luxury holiday destinations? I have wanted to go to to Dubai for a long time now, and for two reasons in particular. The first being that I would love to stay in the Atlantis Hotel, I mean who wouldn’t? Staying in a 5 star hotel anywhere is good enough, but here you can lie in bed looking out of your window, which looks into an aquarium full of different types of fish.

The second reason I want to visit Dubai because, ever since I was little one, of my dreams has been to swim with dolphins, I couldn’t tell you why, it just has been. The Atlantis Hotel offers this experience, so for me Dubai is high on my travel bucket list (I need to get saving tho!)

New York – Saving the best until last, New York sits at the top of my bucket list. I have always wanted to visit New York for so many reasons, and the feeling of wanting to go has never gone away. It’s a place that offers so much to do, I don’t know how people fit it all into one holiday, if I’m honest.

Cruising around New York harbour and passing the Statue of Liberty is the thing I want to do the most, as well as visiting The Empire State Building and walking around Times Square, for me the list is endless.

These are the places I really want to visit but I would love to know where your dream destinations are, and if you would recommend anywhere you have been?


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3 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. Las Vegas is one of my favourite places I’ve been, and I currently live in Dubai – so, great choices! 🙂


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