Our Holiday: Majorca

Since it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I’ve been back and I have just about got over the holiday blues, I thought I would write a post about our holiday in Majorca. I have been to Majorca quite a few times with family but never just me and my girlfriend. We wanted to stay in Palmanova as we have both stayed there before and it’s such a nice place.

We flew out early Friday morning and landed in Palma to cloudy skies, which I wasn’t happy about considering we left Manchester to torrential rain, but the cloud soon dispersed and the sun made it’s appearance. The hotel we stayed at was only about 25 minutes away from the airport so we weren’t on the coach for long which was a bonus. The hotel we had booked was called Sol Palmanova and I can honestly say it’s the best hotel I have ever stayed in. The room we had was modern and the cleanliness of both our room and the hotel in general was faultless. The staff were very friendly and the food was ok, I think there could of been more selection as it was near enough the same types of food all week, but it certainly didn’t ruin the holiday.

We both knew that this was going to be a relaxed holiday, with lots of lounging by the pool and the occasional trip to the beach, so for us, it was perfect. Majorca is well known for it’s white beaches and clear waters so if you like to spend your holiday down at the beach then I would definitely recommend Majorca.

Sunbathing by the pool isn’t everyone’s idea of a holiday but there is so much to do around the Island for both families and for tourists, wanting to experience the local culture. Some days out include, Katmandu Park, Marineland, Palma Aquarium and so much more. On the Wednesday we jumped in a taxi and went to Peurto Portals which was only about 5 minutes away and apparently is similar to Peurto Banus in Marbella. This small port is full of million pound yachts, sports cars, boutiques and high-end restaurants, so this is definitely somewhere to visit if you would like to sample how the rich live.

As I previously mentioned, we have both visited the area before but the highlight for me this time was exploring parts of the area we have never seen before. After talking a walk along the beach one night we come across a bar that sat overlooking the sea. Watching people on the beach and slowly watching the sun set was amazing (not to mention the huge glass of sangria I was sipping).

The best night of the whole holiday was the Sunday. We knew the Euro 2016 final was on so we went to find somewhere to watch it, however as I’m sure you can imagine, every bar and restaurant was packed and people were even sitting on the streets looking at TV screens, so we decided against it. We decided to go for a walk along the front and up some steps which we knew provided a perfect view across the Mediterranean sea, and what a good idea it was. The sun was setting, the sky was clear and the view was just breath taking (just look at the photos). After we had sat taking in the amazing views we ended the night by ditching the footwear and walking along the white sands of Palmanova beach and going for a paddle, the perfect way to end the night!

On our last morning we woke up really early so we decided to go for a walk down by the beach and even though it was a bit windy, the views were amazing. We walked up a hill that over looked the sea and watch the sunrise over the Island, no one at all was around which made it even better, I just wished it wasn’t so breezy.

It’s really hard putting everything into one post but hopefully you can get a real feel for the holiday from looking at the pictures we took. Whether you’re looking for a family holiday destination or somewhere to go with friends, Majorca is the perfect destination for all ages and I definitely recommend you consider it for your next holiday. We have already started looking at prices for next year!

Where do you like to go on holiday? I would love to know your suggestions.


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