Father’s Day Gift Idea’s

As we are slowing creeping into June, not only does it mean we are nearly half way through the year! It also means it’s nearly Father’s Day (19th June). Every year I’m always the one who is looking for a last minute present the day before, so I thought this year I would plan in advance and get my presents earlier rather than later, but as we all know deciding what to get can be a difficult decision.

I feel that I always end up buying my dad the same thing every year, normally a crate of beer, sweets etc but this year I want to buy him something he isn’t going to expect. I wanted to share some ideas with you in case, like me you struggle to think of things to get your dad. So here goes:

  1. A lot of dad’s like to play on games consoles so why not buy him a new game or another controller so you and him or a friend can play together.
  2. I think a watch is a really good gift idea to give to your dad, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. The one in the picture is from River Island for £30 but you can definitely spend more or less if you wanted to.
  3. Aftershave is always a safe bet and there are so many out there. I recently bought Hugo Boss “The Scent” and it’s one of the nicest aftershaves I have ever had so I would definitely recommend this fragrance.
  4. With the Euro’s kicking off next month why not buy your Dad the new England top? This is something I’m definitely considering and why not get his name and favourite number on the back? A definite winner!
  5. Skincare products are always a good present to buy and recently I have heard a lot of good things on Twitter about “Bulldog Skincare” and their prices are reasonable too. Just like aftershave there are so many different brands so you can shop around for good deals.
  6. We all know another safe bet are body sprays, body wash’s etc, so why not but a gift set like this FCUK one from Boots? which includes a wash bag, body wash and a body spray or if this one doesn’t appeal to you.
  7. Having a beard seems to be a popular thing at the minute so why not buy your dad a beard trimmer? From my experience you get what you pay for when it comes to trimmers so it may end up being slightly more expensive present than other options but they are becoming more popular, and surely your Dad’s worth the extra money right?
  8. You can’t go wrong with alcohol can you? Instead of buying him a crate of beer why not spend a little more and buy him a bottle of his favourite spirit?
  9. One thing we all know our Dad’s like to do is sprawl out on the sofa and watch TV, but what if there isn’t anything he like’s on? An Amazon Fire Stick is such a good idea and there not expensive. The Fire Stick allows you to catch-up on missed programmes, watch movies, play games and so much more. I have the Amazon TV box and they are so worth the money.
  10. If you wanted to keep things simple then why not buy him a nice shirt for work or when he goes out? Whether it be from Next, River Island or Topman, you don’t have to spend a lot. Just make sure you know his size as I have learnt in the past.
  11. If your Dad is into his Gadgets then why not consider a FitBit so he can keep track of things such as, the amount of calories he has burnt, how many steps he has taken and how far he has traveled each day.
  12. For a Dad who wears suits to work or goes out on the weekend then why not buy him a nice belt? This is another gift that you can spend as much or as little on as you like as they vary in price depending on what shop you go to. The one I have picked is from Next and is currently £13.

I hope this post has given you some idea’s as to what you should get your Dad for Father’s Day, as even though it’s a few weeks away yet it will soon creep up. If you have any more suggestions then please do let me know, it would be very helpful.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy a card!


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