Weetabix On The Go: High In Protein

Recently Weetabix have added a new product to their range, “Weetabix on the go” which is a high protein breakfast drink. I went shopping a few days ago and seen these in the cereal isle so I thought I would give them a go. I would still be having my breakfast when I wake up but normally I will have a mid-morning snack so I thought I would replace the snack for this new drink.

The drink comes in three flavours, vanilla, strawberry & raspberry and blueberry & blackberry and provides you with a number of healthy benefits. Providing you with vitamins, iron, fibre and calcium this breakfast drink is definitely a good way to start the day, but as well as everything I have just mentioned one bottle contains 21 grams of protein which is actually the same value as some protein shakes. Weetabix also have another “on the go” breakfast drink but it doesn’t provide as much protein but does come with other nutritional benefits.

IMG_0749I have tried all three flavours and they taste nice and refreshing and have the consistency of a smoothie. One thing I definitely recommend is putting them in the fridge before you drink them as the packaging suggests because I did have one that had gone slightly warm and it wasn’t good. In terms of the price their about average compared to similar products sold by other brands. I bought mine from Asda where they are currently on offer for 5 or £4 and usually they are £1.98, which as I have mentioned compared to other brands who sell protein drinks and similar products they are sold at similar prices.

I was unsure if replacing this drink with a snack would be a good idea, meaning would I be really hungry and I normally have the same thing to eat every morning but I’ve got to say this drink did see me through until dinner. It’s a filling drink and for anyone who isn’t a big eater, having one of these for breakfast would probably be perfect for you and it provides the same benefits as eating a bowl of Weetabix.IMG_0747.JPGhustle (7).pngAll in all I was impressed with this breakfast drink so I would definitely recommend you give them a try!



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