Places I want to eat in Liverpool

Living where I do is great as I can jump on a train and be in Liverpool in under half an hour. Liverpool is a city famous for many things from the Beetle’s to the Albert Dock, but two things this amazing city is also well know for is it’s shops, restaurants and night life. In my opinion Liverpool is one of the best places to eat with it’s large variety of restaurants located all around the city and in Liverpool One.

I don’t eat out often so when I do I like to make the most of it. I have eaten at a number of restaurants in Liverpool but there are so many I still want to try, whether or not I get round to them all is a different thing! I wanted to share some places that I have heard great things about and would love to try myself.

Red’s True Barbecue hasn’t long opened in Liverpool and every time I walk past it’s packed but it’s the type of food I love. Located on Hanover Street this American style smokehouse offers a menu any meat lover would love, from succulent burgers to mouth watering sharing platters (Just look at the image below). Red’s True Barbecue is right up my street and is definitely somewhere I want to try.

ustle (1).png

Miyagi is a Japanese style restaurant located on Bold Street. I have never tried Japanese food before but I was looking at pictures people have taken from when they have eaten their and the food looks really nice. Normally I’m not a fan of trying food I have never tasted but I would make an exception here. Miyagi is definitely somewhere I would consider if I was going out for a birthday meal or something similar.

Crust is also new to Liverpool offering a variety of Pizza’s, Pasta dishes and more. Like the majority of people, Pizza is one of my favourite things to have if I’m eating out but I’m not a fan of Pizza when it’s really greasy, I feel it takes the flavour away. The Pizza’s from crust look amazing, stone baked and fresh which is how I like them. I have read several good reviews about this new restaurant and the prices are reasonable to.

hustle (1).png

Bem Brasil isn’t your everyday restaurant and as I love my food this place sounds perfect. A Brazilian style restaurant where it’s all you can eat. Whilst you are sat at you table a variety of different meats will be brought to you to try, and yes you can have as much as you want. As well as a variety of meats there is also the salad bar, different types of seafood and desserts to choose from. After a days shopping in the city this would definitely be a place to re-fuel.

There are so many other different places I would like to try in Liverpool but here I have just named a few. If anyone has any recommendations of places to eat I would love to hear from you.


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