The Benefits Of Green Tea

personal (2).pngNot so long ago I couldn’t stand the smell of green tea never mind the taste of it, but recently I have been trying different flavored versions and I am starting to like it more and more. I wanted to start drinking it as I knew it was a healthier alternative to other hot drinks but I then learnt that it supposedly provides a number of other health benefits.

So, what does green tea supposedly do?

Antioxidants – One of the main benefits green tea provides is antioxidants which are best know for cleansing our bodies. Green tea is high in antioxidants and help to kill off any bad molecules that will try and damage your body cells.

Oral Health – It is lead to believe that the compounds in green tea can help kill off oral bacteria, as well as helping to prevent gum disease and and cavities. Another benefit it can provide for your oral health is improved breath. According to researchers green tea can help to kill off microbes which are part of the reason for bad breath.

Fat Burner – Green tea helping to burn fat isn’t believed by everyone but what some websites tell you is that it helps to boost your metabolic rate and burn a small percentage of fat. Now as I said, not everyone believes this but if you research ways to burn fat, green tea will more than likely appear.

Brain Function – The main compound in green tea is caffeine, but as well as this it also contains an amino acid called L-theanine which can work in unison with caffeine to improve brain function. Surely that mean’s drinking green tea makes you smarter?! 🙂

If you look up the benefits of green tea you will probably find more than what I have mentioned. I have also read that green tea can help fight cancer, prevent Alzheimer’s in later life and improves health in general which if they are true then it must be worth drinking. I think most people, like myself will just buy ordinary green tea to start with which I would recommend. Instead try some of the different flavours on offer, such as raspberry & pomegranate, tropical, jasmine and believe it or not lemon pie which my friend Kerry recommended, and yes I can confirm it does actually taste like lemon pie!

Like I said, a few months ago I wouldn’t of even considered drinking green tea but after trying the different flavours I am now a fan and if the health benefits it provides are trye then surely it’s something to try. Even if you don’t like it I do recommend trying the Lemon Pie flavour.

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