My Gym Clothing Wishlist

1 (4).pngRecently I have found that I am growing out of most of my clothes which is a pain! So I am slowly starting to fill my wardrobe with new stuff but unfortunately everyday and work clothes are more important than gym clothes so what I already have will have to do (even if they are a bit small) but I can’t help myself from looking at what gym clothes I would buy if I could afford them.

The last items I bought for the gym were from MyProtein and I’ve got to say the quality of their clothes are really good and are reasonably priced which is always a bonus. I was recently browsing the their site and started to add things to my basket, needless to say I didn’t buy any of them but I didn’t delete them as I thought I could try and buy one thing at a time. I thought I would share with you what I chose and also the shoes I would like which aren’t from MyProtein but I thought I would add them anyway.

  1. Men’s Geometric training shirt – £14.99
  2. Men’s Skinny fit joggers – £16.99
  3. Men’s cut-off shorts – £16.99
  4. Men’s  Performance long sleeve 1/4 zip top – £19.99
  5. Men’s Performance long sleeve top – £16.99
  6. Nike Roshe Run 1 – £70.00 (JD Sports)
  7. Men’s Performance short sleeve top – £14.99
  8. Men’s Performance zip top – £24.99

I already have the Roshe Run’s but in navy and they have lasted me for ages so I would like a new pair and not long ago I bought the performance long sleeve top but in charcoal and I was so happy with it, it feels really light and comfortable so it would be good to have a second one to wear.

I’m sure I could get similar items from brands that sell cheaper clothes but I have done that before and not been happy with the quality so I would rather spend a the extra money on items I know are going to be worth the money.

It would be great to know if there are any other good brands who sell gym clothing so if you know of any please do let me know!


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