My #Leanin15 blogging challenge

Since I decided I wanted to change my diet to a more healthier one than what it was, I wanted to find someone who shares healthy recipes which don’t take long to make and ideally, the ingredients needed don’t cost too much! Whenever I try and look for healthy recipes I find the majority of them are always fairly expensive to make because of the ingredients you need and it puts me off. I searched the internet for a cookbook that would suit what I wanted… healthy recipes, cheap to make and can be made quickly and that’s when I came across “Lean in 15” by The Body Coach, Joe Wicks.

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I bought the book off Amazon and it was only about £7 which surprised me. Lean in 15 is full of easy and tasty looking meals that can be made in a short amount of time and best of all you don’t need a load of ingredients. As well as recipes the book also contains HIIT (High intensity interval training) session workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home and a  weekly planner so that you can plan your meals and when you are going to workout. Since I bought the book I have been following The Body Coach on social media and I’ve got to say some of his Snapchats are hilarious, If you don’t follow him you need to! So, anyway as I have just started my blog I want to make sure I am making regular posts so I am going to set myself the small challenge of making at least one Lean in 15 meal a week and creating a blog post on how it went. I will include the recipe, method and most importantly, how it tasted 🙂

I will start the challenge as of next week and plan to do the challenge for about 4-6 weeks. It would be great to you know what you think of the posts!


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